Company Data:

  • Company: Bodegas Mitos, SA
  • CIF: B66967977
  • Address: C/ Claudio Coello, 97 28006 Madrid
  • Phone number: 620 138 643
  • Email: info@aurevoircinderella.com

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions, together with any special conditions which may be established, expressly regulated the relations arising between www.aurevoircinderella.com and third (hereinafter "Users") who use the portal www.aurevoircinderella .com well as third parties who contract the products offered through it.

www.aurevoircinderella.com reserves at all times the right to unilaterally modify, without notice, at any time the presentation and layout of the portal.

1.2 These General Conditions have been prepared in accordance with the provisions of Law 7/1998 on general conditions of contract, Royal Decree 1906/1999 on the telephone and electronic contracting with general conditions in article 5.3 law 7/1998, 26/1984 General law for the Defence of consumers and Users, Law 7/1996 on retail trade, the Royal Decree-Law 14/1999 regulating electronic signatures and how laws application.

1.3 By using the portal www.aurevoircinderella com, Vd. Acquires the status of user. The visit and the use and / or purchase of any products from the website, suppose the user acceptance of each and every one of general conditions, and where appropriate, to the special conditions, if any, governing acquisition.

1.4 www.aurevoircinderella .com may at any time and without notice, amend these terms and conditions, by posting such changes on the website so they can be known by the users always before the visit to the portal or acquisition of any goods offered in the portal.

II. Products offered. Purchase System

2.1 The products offered on the website, along with their features and prices will be displayed.

Also shipping to the address on the screen of the user of the products that always be paid by the buyer unless there is postage promotion free shipping. Prices shown on screen are in euros and include VAT and any other tax that may be applicable and are in force, except typing error.

Bids will be properly displayed on the screen. www.aurevoircinderella com reserves the right to decide, at any time, the products contain and users are offered through the portal. Thus, www.aurevoircinderella .com may at any time add new products included in the website, provided, unless otherwise, that such new products will be governed by the provisions of the general conditions in force is available at the times.

Also www.aurevoircinderella com reserves the right to cease providing access at any time and without notice, to any of the products offered on the portal. Photos are indicative. Due to the constant changes in product improvements, may not coincide with those published in the portal although we try to avoid it.

2.2. For the acquisition of the products offered on the website, www.aurevoircinderella .com prompt users proceed to register, for which those users, who must be over eighteen (18) years, must complete the instructions on screen that will require performing the following steps:

- Completion of the online form at all times displayed on the website following the instructions therein.
- Pressing the "OK" button.

- Reception at the email account User "Username" and "Password".

The username and password are personal and may make intransferible.www.aurevoircinderella com, with proper notice, change the username and / or password, in which case the modified codes become invalid.

2.3 Once the user is registered, and to proceed with the purchase, you must add the product you want in the shopping cart, according to the indications listed on the screen, filling for this purpose provided the order form and sending it to www.aurevoircinderella com, which involves reading and acceptance of all terms and conditions.
2.4 Once the purchase and in the shortest possible time, always later than thirty (30) days from the execution of the purchase, the customer service department of www.aurevoircinderella.com buyer send the user to the address indicated on the invoice form. The order confirmation sent by www.aurevoircinderella .com not be valid as an invoice, just as proof of purchase.

V. Intellectual property. Prohibition of hyperlinks

5.1 All content displayed on the portal and in particular, designs, text, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, software, trade names, trademarks, industrial designs or any other signs of industrial and commercial use are subject to rights of intellectual property www.aurevoircinderella com. or third party owners who have duly authorized their inclusion in the portal.

5.2 Under no circumstances shall any license is granted or waiver, transfer all or part of such rights is made or confer any rights, and in particular, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the contents without express prior authorization www.aurevoircinderella com or owners concerned.

5.3 No person may establish a link to our website from any other website without the express prior consent of www.aurevoircinderella com

VI. Responsibility Au Revoir Cinderella ### ###

6.1 www.aurevoircinderella com., It will only be liable for damages you may suffer as a result of using the portal when such damage is attributable to willful misconduct of the same. You acknowledge and agree that the use of the portal, and the purchase of products is at your sole risk and sole responsibility.

6.2 www.aurevoircinderella com is not responsible for any damages that may result from, but not limited, not limiting.

- Inferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, faults and / or disconnections in the operational functioning of this electronic system or appliances and computers of the users due to causes unrelated to www.aurevoircinderella.com, which prevent or delay the placing of orders or browsing the portal.

- Delays or usage blockages caused by deficiencies or overloading of the Internet or other electronic systems.

- They may be caused by third parties through unlawful interference beyond the control of the portal and not attributable to www.aurevoircinderella com

- The differences of information, documentation and / or other portal content that might exist between the electronic version and the printed version.

- From the impossibility of providing the service or allow access for reasons not attributable to www.aurevoircinderella .com causes, due to the user, third parties or force majeure.

6.3 www.aurevoircinderella .com not control, generally speaking, the use made ​​by users of the service. In particular www.aurevoircinderella .com under any circumstances does not guarantee that users use the service in accordance with the law, these General Conditions, morality and generally accepted good customs and public order, nor that they do so diligently and prudent.

VII. Obligations of the user

7.1 In general, the user agrees to comply with these terms and to comply with the special warnings or instructions contained therein or in the portal and always act according to the law, morality and the demands of good faith, using the diligence appropriate to the nature of the service enjoyed by refraining from using the website in any way that may impede, damage or impair the normal operation of the property or rights of www.aurevoircinderella com , suppliers, other users or any third overall.

7.2 In particular, and without implying any limitation to the obligations assumed by the user generally in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the user agrees on the use of the portal as well as the acquisition of products:

- In the case of registration, the user is obliged to provide the data provided truthfully and keep them updated.

- Do not enter, store or transmit to or from the website, any information or material that is defamatory, libelous, obscene, threatening, racist, incites violence or discrimination based on race, sex, ideology, religion or any manner prejudicial way, public order, fundamental rights, civil liberties, honor, privacy or image of third parties in the current regulations.

- Do not enter, store or transmit through the site any software, data, virus, hardware or telecommunications equipment or any other instrument or electronic or physical device that is capable of causing damage to the website, in any of the services, or any of the equipment, systems or networks of aurevoircinderella.com, of any user, providers generally www.aurevoircinderella.com or any third party, or otherwise be able to cause any alteration or impede the normal operation thereof.

- A properly safeguard your user name and password, as identifiers and access to purchasing products, pledging not to transfer them or allow them access to third party assuming liability for damages that may result from improper use thereof. Similarly, the user agrees to contact us, as quickly, loss or theft as well as any risk of access to the username and / or password by a third party.

- Do not make advertising, promotional or commercial exploitation through the portal activities, not using the contents and in particular the information obtained through the portal to send advertising messages for direct marketing or any other commercial purpose or for collect or store personal data of third parties.

- Do not use false identities or impersonate others in the use of the Site or the use or purchase of any Products, including the use of passwords or access codes to third parties or otherwise.

- Do not destroy, alter, disable or damage the data, information, programs or electronic documents www.aurevoircinderella com, its suppliers or third parties.

- Do not enter, store or transmit through the site any content that infringes any intellectual, industrial or business secrets of third parties, or in general any content that does not hold, in accordance with the law, the right to make it available to third .

VIII. communications

For the purposes of these General Conditions, and any communication that is necessary between www.aurevoircinderella com and the user, they should contact the Customer Service via email (sending a message to info@aurevoircinderella.com ). Communications www.aurevoircinderella .com user will be according to the data provided by him to register on the portal.

IX. Governing Law. arbitration

9.1 This Agreement shall be governed by Spanish law, which applies in matters not provided for in this agreement in the interpretation, validity and performance.

9.2 In the event that any discrepancy or claim between the parties in connection with the performance or the content of these general conditions is met, the parties will negotiate in good faith to attempt to resolve such dispute or claim within the maximum period of one (1) month as from the date on which either party formally notifies the other that the discrepancy has arisen or notice of the claim.

In the event that the dispute or claim is not resolved within the maximum period prescribed, the parties expressly waive any privilege that may apply, submit the decision of the matter referred to Arbitration Institution of the Spanish Technological Arbitration Association (ARBITEC ), to which the administration of arbitration and the appointment of arbitrators in accordance with its rules and statutes are entrusted.